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German version


Hint: This translation was made by a non-native English speaker. We thank you for your understanding that this translation is probably not perfect.

Now, the Wikivoyage association already exists for twelve years and gives active support for the work of the authors on the web-based travel guide project Wikivoyage by various means.

The project was established in 2006 with a first language version, the German one. One year later, the Italian language version followed. The concern of this web project was and is to provide freely accessible knowledge to travelers traveling both privately and professionally on their travel destinations like for instance the country itself, its people and sights, and to qualify them to respect and to become acquainted with the native people and, thus, to contribute to international understanding.

Of course it’s not easy to keep such a project going with just a few association members, authors, and supporters, especially if the project is still small and not so well known. However, nowadays we can state that we have achieved our goal and can assure the project both in terms of content, technology and finances in the future, too. And we like to thank for the support of the associations of Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) and Wikimedia Österreich (WMAT), too.

The application for the recognition as a Wikimedia Usergroup was successful: on 3 May 2017, the Wikivoyage association was recognized as the Wikimedia user group “WVA Wikivoyage Association”.


A detailed list of press releases can be found in the Press Coverage of 2018.

Roland Unger
1st chairman of the Wikivoyage association

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